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Home grown tomatoes!

Nothing better then home grown tomatoes in the midwest! Boy did I miss these all those years in San Antonio!! 🙂 That being said…. the mexican food here is awful!! 🙂


Love these DIY ideas for inexpensive office updates!


Few things are as rewarding as a DIY project. Let me clarify— few things are as rewarding as a completed DIY project. Big difference. Below are some of my favorites via our “DIY Office” board on Pinterest.

*Disclaimer: I have yet to actually try any of these DIY projects. I am hopeful that this blog post will inspire me to take the plunge… stay tuned!

Now it’s your turn. What DIY projects have you completed lately?

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I’m a middle-aged Midwestern Diva who LOVES “Sparkly” and “Shiny” things, on a BUDGET baby! 🙂
I’m 1/2 Princess and 1/2 Tom Girl and I don’t mind getting dirty & being creative to get what I want!

My Handsome Hubby and I LOVE to dream it, build it, find it, fix it and thrift it!!
After raising our kids we’re now empty nesters that are doing all the things we love and enjoy life! This blog is a way to share some of those things we love!!